Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whale Sound

Nic Sebastian of Very Like a Whale fame has a new project called Whale Sound, a website where she records selected poems. I'm very glad to have provided one of the inaugural pieces for this project, "Vestment." Click here to go to the page. There are two other poems up, one from Cati Porter and another from Patricia Fargnoli.

Nic did a series on poets & technology at her blog, and Whale Sound grew out of a question from Amy King. Asked what technology can still do for poetry, Amy said: “If every poet were to record just one book of poems that they loved for the rest of us to listen to, and not just their own poems, how excellent would that be?”

Kind of like Fahrenheit 451, no? Nic is not doing a single book, though, but collecting her favorites in a sound anthology. She reads beautifully, and Whale Sound is a generous project, so please visit and applaud her.

In other poetry news, my Ghazal of the Sharp Knife, recently up at DMQ , is the Web feature this week at Verse Daily!

All this happened yesterday, when I stayed home from work with a sore throat. Maybe I should do that more often. Good jinxes to all.


Nic Sebastian said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah, and for being such a sport!

ron hardy said...

It is like Fahrenheit 451. And she does read beautifully, in an almost intoxicating way. And your poem Vestment is wonderful. I had not read it Sarah. Thank you

Sherry O'Keefe said...

very fine. the two of you inspire me.

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