Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Two funny brunettes have birthdays today: Lily Tomlin and my dog Stella!

Stella's all of four today. I got her a huge bone that took at least an hour to chew through, working alone and all.

I don't know what Lily Tomlin got - surely something else.

In any case, she couldn't have been as excited as Stella, who was happily exhausted when it was all over.

Stella occasionally turns up in a poem. Although she can be a pain in the ass, in poems she usually appears as a force for good. Here's one in which she's the main figure rather than a supporting actress.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Stella!

LKD said...

What a wonderful photograph.

She looks woebegone.

Why'd you name her Stella?

Do you have any puppy pictures of her?

I love your poem.

I think Stella would love your poem too, if she could read.

My cat Bob is 4 years old too, soon. Heck, he may be 4 years old right now. He and Stella may share the same birthday. He was about 4 weeks old when he came into my life and that was during the 1st week of October. (He was born outside at my cousin's house, so no one's sure of the exact date of birth...)

Stella is bella.

word verification: jotte

Ron H said...

There is so much to love about this poem,Sarah. No pretense, just the dogness Of Stella captured beautifully.

Valerie Loveland said...

This is a great poem! Animal poems are really hard to write without sap.

SarahJane said...

Thanks, and thanks from Stella.
Laurel - Stella was the only name we could agree on. The son wanted "Toby," which is the name of many a German dog, and I wanted Mrs. Robinson (another stunning brunette). We got Stella when she was already 5 months old and the family that owned her didn't want to keep her. They had cats that didn't take to a wild puppy. Anyway, her name was something else then, which none of us liked.

Happy (un)birthday to Bob, too!

BJeronimo said...

To watch a dog turn their entire world over to a bone is a wonder. I had a golden who could become captive to a bone, stick or rock.

I'm sure that behind those innocent eyes of a four year lies the conspiring mind of a world dominatrix.

Happy Birthday Stella (and course to Lily as well.)

SarahJane said...

Yes, she's actually plotting her next heist at the butcher shop.

Richard Fox said...

What a lovely poem. Pure delight. What a lucky dog is Stella!

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