Saturday, September 12, 2009

of cummings

wild trump of April, sudden parody of snow,
currency of faint cities, dangerous looseness of doom,
thin despair of violin, undream of anaesthetized impersons,
measureless cool flames of making, early flowers of all things,
bulge and nuzzle of the sea, picker of buttercups,
subliminal fern of her delicious voice, rubbish of human rind,
soft adventure of undoom, frown of the grave great sensual knees,
tiny hinge of flesh, long flower of unchastity, lump of twilight,
cadence of our grey flesh, dooms of love, dooms of feel,
peaceful theorems of the flowers, god of everlasting war,
tree of jubilee, cheerfulest goddamned sonofabitch,
chuckling rubbish of pearl weed coral and stones,
treasure of tiniest world, time of daffodils(who know,
genuine delusion of embryonic omnipotence, depths of guess,
cringing ecstacies of inexistence, whisper of a whisper,
strictly scientific parlourgame of real unreality,
sharp soft worms of spiraling, Big postmaster of the Art of Jigajag,
the top of notwithstanding, power of your intense fragility,
white eyes of elsewhere, dim deep sound of rain, broken odds of yes,
new england fragrance of pasture, lucky fifth of you,
virginal immediacy of precision, busted statues of your motheaten forum,
leaping greenly spirits of trees, nobel mercy of proportion,
all matterings of mind, echo of the flower of dreaming,
ghostly nevers of again, bliss of one small lady,
din of wallowing male, (children of)dirtpoor (popes


@eloh said...

an odd gathering

ron hardy said...

It feels like rain. Touching me everywhere. "the top of notwithstanding" and the "white eyes of elsewhere." This brought me a day. Thank you Sarah.

Dominic Rivron said...

Great fun read outloud. Left me breathless.

Anonymous said...


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