Tuesday, August 18, 2009

kitsch inventory

- a heart fashioned from a hay with a wooden cutting board plunked down in its center and hung on the wall
- sticks bundled with a bow and hung on the wall
- a collection of beer steins with images of German cities
- silk flowers, with a pronounced proclivity for the sunflower
- an enormous silk sunflower in a floor vase on my husband’s side of the bed that we didn’t notice until I set about making this list
- milk jugs painted with farm scenes (surprise!)
- a mirror framed with ceramic cherubin
- the mandatory regional bank calendar boasting local nature scenes
- hay clustered in the shape of a boy with a burlap cape and hat, hung on the wall
- a mini-sled atop the refrigerator with a hay bale as passenger
- (they really dig hay. as andy warhol said, “This is a tomato soup can; we have to make do with what we have,” or something like that.)
- plywood cutouts in the shape of a teapot and cups, painted blue and white and plonked on the wall
- you’ll find it hard to believe, but another hay heart with a long tail as if to mimic a rug beater, hung on the wall

I shouldn’t be critical, but there was hardly any place to put our stuff down because of the kitsch. And, if forced to choose, I’d choose farm kitsch over the driftwood, lobster shells and bird shit of maritime kitsch any day. Anyway, we had a great time in the Black Forest, which is surprisingly sunny.


BJeronimo said...

There is something about kitsch that is endearing. And, obviously from the list, is memorable.

I am heading to Cape Cod next week and expect the shells and seahorses wall-to-wall.

Welcome back home again, where I am sure nothing but sublime taste is the rule of the day.

Lisa Allender said...

This is so touching, and evocative. I ought to do a list.
btw, you may Friend-Request me at Facebook using "Lisa Nanette Allender", if u wish.

Hedgie said...

Well, you know what Fat Albert used to say:

"Hay, hay, hay!"

Richard Fox said...

As long as you're not describing your own place, bring on the hay.

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