Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the pain in my side helping me forget the pain in my teeth

I got a rejection from a big name journal a couple weeks back. I wouldn’t even mention it since it’s not a surprise that I’d get a rejection from a big name journal, but aforesaid big name journal actually solicited poems from me, and then turned them down, making for a very sumptuous session of humiliation.

Oh well. I hadn’t submitted anything in ages, but over the past three weeks or so I sent out a number of poems so that, aside from aforementioned big name humiliating journal, I got some acceptances, too.

First, Barn Owl Review took a poem called Unseen for its 3rd issue, which I’m really happy about, both because of the poem and the journal.

Then Juked’s poetry editor came back from vacation and took two more poems from my last submission, a poem called Despair and my little series on Monopoly Tokens, a couple of which have appeared here.

My poet friend Robert MacDonald has told me he stalks out my publications and then submits to the same journals (with great results) and now I’ve turned tables by submitting to Apparatus Magazine. They took two poems and a fiction piece called Tinder Box, which I'd submitted as a poem. The editor thought differently. I said I didn’t care how it was categorized. Check out Robert’s poem in the premiere issue.

Finally the very exciting Scapegoat Review took two poems for its next issue, expected up this month – No Stars Tonight and When Wonderful, Add Water.

So, in the scheme of things, I should come out positive, and thanks to daydreams in which I'm smoking cigarettes and drinking port in Lisbon in the body of a 23-year old man, I do.

& this cartoon made me laugh today.

& thanks to DoubleParlour for the illustration!


Anonymous said...

I've gotten fired, dumped and had brief periods of addiction; each time coming back a bit better for it. Getting turned down by a big name journal and your willingness to share the experience is just what makes coming back to The Rain so wonderful.

You go girl.

SarahJane said...

Getting dumped is the pits, unless you're angling to get dumped so as not to have to do it yourself. But this is like George Clooney asking me to sleep with him, then seeing me with my clothes off and deciding, eh, never mind. laugh

Anonymous said...

I heard he's not that good anyway (word is it's not all that.) Save your goods for the more deserved.

Toni Clark said...

Congrats on all the acceptances -- which, I hope, make that rejection a lot easier to shrug off. I spot some NaPo poems among these. Wonderful to see them getting out into the world!

SarahJane said...

yes, i think two of those were from my last series of napalm poems.

Richard Fox said...

I'm glad you & my friend, Robert McD have connected. He's one jim dandy poet.

SarahJane said...

yes I've read and enjoyed many of his poems.

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