Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the dark, i'm all for it

I didn’t hear many people celebrating the arrival of summer over the weekend, but a few long faces did lament how the days will now gradually get shorter. All I can say is Thank You! I prefer the sun in small doses, and the less daytime the better.

When I lived in New Jersey I don’t think it stayed light much past 9 pm in summer, but in Germany at the time around solstice the day ends at about 10:30 pm. And dawn is already creeping up at 4 am. I know because I was up this morning at 4 and my first thought was whaaa? The sunrise/sunset guide claims the sun rose at 5:15 am and set at 9:39 pm. While that may be true, there is a definite before- and afterglow.

I’m not crazy about summer to begin with. I’m only glad the solstice means the tilt and curvature of the earth will let the ridiculous length of days start to erode. For the night to be pitch black seems natural. I like the stars and the moon, or if it’s raining, plain old soggy black.


Anonymous said...

You are officially mad and wrong.

That is all.

Toni Clark said...

Sarah, I chuckled at this post. An odd perspective and one I share. I was sure I was the the only person I know who prefers the dark. The one exception is that I don't like going to, or returning from, work in the dark. However, at home in my study, I far prefer dark to daylight.

We are putting new windows in our house. One of my husband's concerns is that Window X might cut down on sunlight (less actual glass area) whereas Window Y will let in the maximum amount. As you can imagine, I'm all for X and he for Y.

Here, sunrise was at 5:08 and set will be at 8:41 for a 15-and-a-half-hour day.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, blogger seems to have dome something to screw up openid delegation. testing, testing.

Oh well, that's better for the moment.

Charmi said...

What Harry said the first time around!

(I don't think we could live next door to each other :-)

I live for the long days of summer, lament them when they're gone...

SarahJane said...

I only like summer and long days for the kids' sake, since they love it. But it's 9.15 pm here now, and bright grey!

Anonymous said...

Across the stretch of water in the New England states it's been raining days on end and everyone's been be-atching about it. I saw Diana Krall last night and she said she loved it when it rains in long stretches; it reminds her of home, Vancouver, and the Autumn which is her favorite season.

You can't have shadow without light, or is it the other way around?

SarahJane said...

autumn definitely whips summer. also because the light is receding.

Beth said...

Conversely, it can get dark at 4:30 p.m. in the winter around these parts (Germany and surroundings). I prefer these surreally long and light days to the brutally short, damp and cold ones.
(...though I would also vote for the 9p.m. Jersey nights, and all the fireflies, which tragically are absent here.)

SarahJane said...

yes, in winter it does get dark at 4.30, which means everyone should be home reading.
i agree about the fireflies. i imagine they're just not part of the ecosystem in Europe. They are a good point to bring up next time some arrogant european starts going on and on about how superior tra la lar

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