Monday, June 01, 2009

3 tokens

sportscar: She’s touching the wheels when the call comes; she’s young, tonguing the hood in the mannish slang of the last century. Lipsticked, she’s a sport, a shiny body.

thimble: You thought it a helmet, dainty with immunity; you thought you’d hide in bed but we snuffed out the thumbsuck, the meat stuck under your fingernail.

horse & rider: Imagine this could go on: collecting profits, paying dues, rolling the dice to land on the carpet, where it’s your bluff. Imagine rearing up and exposing yourself. As if you cared: As if no one would snicker at your haunches, made of chalk, while on the boardwalk the rains start.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very provocative. I thought of sexual undertones (overtones) and am not sure of the Rorshak of it all. Then read the tags and realized the monopoly connection.

Nicely played.

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