Sunday, May 10, 2009

donnez moi pour toujours une chambre à la semaine

How long have I been telling my mother that someday we'd visit Paris when she's here? Well, finally I booked train tickets and rented an apartment for two nights. It'll pass as a Mother's Day present, although we won't be going until the end of May. Whatever! Beautiful city, Paris is. Can't wait to tell her.

Thanks to Carlo, who speaks French, and who argued for staying over rather than just going in the morning and coming back at night.
And thanks to the kids, who promise to cooperate in sightseeing without too much complaint.

Image courtesy of Montreal photographer Irene S.


Anonymous said...

I'd hold for getting those promises in writing. It may go the way of others - I promise I'll take care of him and walk him every day, I promise to always love you.

Given that last one and that it is often gotten in writing, maybe you need to define what the definition of is is.

SarahJane said...

yeah, i know. but now i've sunk money on it (my promise). and i am practicing the look i'm going to use on the kids (that promise).

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