Wednesday, April 29, 2009

abandoned dancing

books in my bookbag
the book of evidence – john banville (p 91)
the complete posthumous poems – cesar vallejo (“my chest wants and does not want”)
the manifest destiny of desire – jennifer key


yesterday I bought myself the pendant pictured here from a woman who likes to break plates. Here’s her shop. I also like to break things, but lighting my hair on fire often seems more appropriate. Can’t do it as often.

this looks like the 4th issue of sixth finch, but it’s my first. The poetry is good, but what’s really cool about this ezine is the artwork. Instead of combining poems with images, everything gets its own page. I like that. In this issue, I especially like S, J and J. I admit to being lured in by the initials. I like the retro of it, the matte. I like the framing by branches, buildings and water. The temperature looks perfect. But mostly I like the energy. Have these people just been shot? Are they doing some absolutely abandoned dancing? Are they gymnasts? Who the hell knows but pass me a daquiri and I’ll pull up my park bench for the duration.

morning shuffle
the book of right-on – joanna newsom
flowers of guatemala – rem
any major dude – steely dan
who by fire – leonard cohen
motorcycle mama – neil young


Anonymous said...

That picture is very evocative. Being in NYC naturally a city picture is envisioned to be NYC, but I don't think this one is. Or it is from a time before many of the towers were built on the perimeter. The period does look earlier (or perhaps later?)

Rambo is good. this, like your stuff, really paints a picture (many in this case). If only more senators read poetry. ;-(

Anonymous said...

Also, love the pendant. I love how it's this remnant of domestic destruction.

SarahJane said...

i always think ny when i think city, too, but this must be elsewhere. i've no idea! It's new dehli for all i know.
i liked those rambo poems, too.

Valerie Loveland said...

A broken plate pendant doesn't sound like it would look good, but it does!

thatcher Keats said...

And very glad you made it into the Book of Right On. You may get on the geek list yet.

It's Taking So Long by Kathy Smith.
Heavy rotation this week.

and "I ain't loved but 4 women in my life"

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