Friday, March 27, 2009

friday confession

Ages ago when I got a blackberry for work I used it only for email and occassionally for phoning. But since it's always in my purse and set to vibrate, if someone is calling me, I don't know until I check.
Anyway, my confession has nothing to do with that. It has to do with brick breaker. Like I said, ages ago, I had as little to do with my blackberry as possible. But about two weeks ago I started playing brick breaker. I don't know why. I had played it once or twice before and found it such a boring timesuck that I never gave it a second thought. But suddenly I was playing, and making such great leaps score-wise that my son called me a "freak" in a way he obviously considered a compliment.
But you know, I waste so much time already. In the time I spent ruining my eyesight aiming a blinking ball at some bricks, I could have finished one of the books I'm supposedly reading but actually very actively not reading.
Boy, I feel better already! I'm already on the road to recovery. This guy, however, is not.


Anonymous said...

Your plight is like many of us who wander into blackberry's innane uses with 'time to spare' on a bus or in the bathroom. The obsession lasts a week or so. I was a also 'addicted'. In many ways it's like when you have so amny parties that you sit down one day and think you have a drinking (smoking) problem. It'll pass.

SarahJane said...

I figure among the addictions it's one of the least harmful. Not that mine even approaches such a state! Still I was kind of playing it on the sly... lol

Anonymous said...

You are an Unknown Legend.

I find your ability to cut through the crap and expose your warts so refreshing. They are those warts we all try to hide and are so minor that we should blush more that we try to hide them than that we have them.

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