Wednesday, December 31, 2008

do not mix

Eauvain Beaujolais
A round young wine that can’t concentrate. Elastic body with an acrobatic, almost chewable bosom. The finish evokes mink, kerosene and low satire. Toothsome and juked up with pepper, this Beaujolais is two-thirds woodsmoke, one-third brioche. Can easily be paired with Chopin or Satie, but does not mix well with Dutch conductors.

Domaine Gravure Medoc
This is a witty sometimes hilarious wine with an afternote of two cherry trees planted too close together. Very Mademoiselle Magazine. It holds the strong nuance of cigars with side notes of suntan oil and figs. It is like the neighbor down the street with the gravelly voice and smoky good looks. You don’t see him every day but when you do then oooh baby.

Maison Vigniot Sancerre
Thin but delicious like rain. This straw-yellow white smells of clean laundry hung to dry on a Paris balcony. Think walking barefoot among geese. Think tangerine, bouquet of peat moss, nuance of re-reading Chekhov.

Chateau Somnambulé Sauternes
There is no fluff stuck to this knife. This wine is the Brigitte Bardot of Sauternes, perfumed with marine minerals, nickels and anise. It has an intelligent bloom, bedroom eyes and an oceanic finish. Goes well with cheese, carpentry and extended drought. Guaranteed to improve your French pronunciation.

Callous-Saumille Bordeaux
Big bells are ringing in this. Here is a full-blooded wine, promiscuous and rich in after-rush. Its come-hither bouquet evokes chestnuts and late September. Its nose is true brunette, authentic and nutsy. The cinnamon finish is long, like all the next day long.


toniclark said...

Sarah, This is fantastic. Wish you'd post it on the Waters for our holiday amusement.

I'll take the Sauterne. I recently returned from Aquitaine where I toured some Sauterne vineyards. And, come to think of it, I was in the company of someone with the last name of Bardot -- not Brigitte, but a cousin. It's true!

Pam Hart said...

"nuance of re-reading Chekov" -- great!

Anonymous said...

this is such the brilliant!
happy new year!

Robert Mc said...

Where do I sign up for the tasting? I loved this, Sarah. Happy New Year!

Robert McDonald

SarahJane said...

thanks! these were actually published a couple years back at Ghoti. I've had another batch submitted to a publication for a year... I guess it's time to simultaneously submit.

Michelle said...

Oh, this is wonderful! Very clever.

Gabriela said...

Beautiful, Sarah... I want them all! Loved it.

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