Thursday, November 06, 2008

too sexy for iran

Publisher's Weekly has a list of its best book choices for 2008, which is dominated by fiction, but also includes a few poetry books. Two of them are on my wish list: the new WS Merwin and Kevin Prufer's National Anthem. The list is here.

When the hoopla went down about the Swede who disparaged American literature as being too tangled up in its own mass culture to deserve a Nobel Prize, I immediately thought of WS Merwin, who is timeless, concerned and perfectly pitched. When I read him I feel as though a ghost is passing through me. Later on I also thought of Cormac McCarthy and a couple other folks. But I also think there is a lot of poetry and "literature" out there that's too hip for its own good.

I can't believe November is already ticking. I'm going to start my own best-of list soon.


Talia said...

What sort of Best of's? Give me an assignment, please

SarahJane said...

best books i read in 2008
best poems i read
best movies
best dinners
best humiliating moments
best consumer investments
best outfits i wore
best ideas i had
best ideas you had

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