Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Misery catalog

I’ve been able to finish some new Misery poems this past week, though I am facing a disheartening glue conundrum. The stick doesn’t hold forever, and wet glues eat the thin pages. I’ve spent more than 50 euros trying different glues, to no avail. I ordered extra-strong glue sticks a couple days ago, and hope that brings a solution. Glue sticks are super because they don’t warp and well and they don’t weaken the paper. But they’re not lasting.

I had success with the Misery poems last year, with 35 published in 13 different journals. Including Misery 31, published at the tail-end of 2016 in concis, that makes 36. Below is a catalog with assorted links. 

For 2018, seven more Misery poems have been accepted by Diagram, Passages North, Poetry Northwest and Tinderbox. I have others submitted. My semi-move to Spain this past summer ate a lot of time and continues to do so, but it was a good move, and enriching.

Sixth Finch: The Wreck
Diagram: The Republic 

A Bad Penny: Champagne, Hot Temper, Night Flowers, My Ship, Empty Talk
One Sentence Poems: In Flowers 

The Journal: Infant Taint, Frostbite, I’m going up ace 
Escape into Life: The Far Woods, Very Grave/Very Reasonable, All the World, Impossible Flowers

Pith: O my lady, Moonscape 
Permafrost: NoonlightMirth, Doubt, IceThe Upper Hand 

Concis: The Proper Thing 
Collapsar: Past Life, The Itch 

Thrush: Parlor, This Pale Furrow, Straddler, Blacktop, Interior Editor
Shuf: Searchlight, Squall, Eureka (no direct link)

Roanoke: Review: Spoon, The Rains (plus 8 reprints)


Richard said...

It's nice to see links to all 35 works all in one place. Thank you for posting!

Einlicht said...

Please let us know when the chapbook of these poems is published. I would love to buy it!

Anonymous said...

We all know you are a poet; the art work is also poetry.


The Indianapolis Review said...

Hi Sarah,
I was searching the web for an email address for you or a fb or twitter account, and I couldn't find one, but I found this! I just wanted to say that I love your 'Misery' series, and we would be very happy if you submitted any of your poetry/art that you've been working on to the Indianapolis Review. Check us out here-
Thank so much,
Natalie Solmer
Editor In Chief
p.s.- I See you are in Tinderbox! Maybe I will ask the editors for your email; I do know them.

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