Saturday, March 19, 2016

The clean break

I’ve always found it a pleasure to pull a perforated paper apart at the seam. There’s something satisfying about doing it neatly. Then throwing it away, of course, since perforated paper is mostly used for tickets, or mail-in offer forms, or at least it used to be. 

Anyway, I wrote a poem about the imaginary person whose job it is to perforate the paper. It’s called - surprise! - The Perforator, and is up at Star82.

I bet this baby would enjoy tearing paper along the perforation too. 

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jasmine jasmine said...

I worked in the Paper Industry in the past and making neatly 'perforable' paper is tough. :) Especially when weight counterbalances it. for e.g. in a notebook with perforation to tear out the pages, the bulk of the paper is on one side and very light compared to the spine. Ain't easy. :)

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