Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Making Myself Marvelous

I have been trying to dance on stilts for a number of years.

I have been attempting to walk the bomb-pocked streets of the little Olde World on my fingertips.

I've been entertaining a lethargic thought.

My aspirations have retreated into a silence so complete I've had to have my hearing tested.

You can imagine how tired I am.

Still, stuff gets done. Like the amazing editors at Doubleback Books who have re-ushered my first chapbook back into the world of the reading, seven years to the month after it first appeared. 

Yes, that's right: "In the Voice of a Minor Saint" is renewed & improved and completely free online.

Think of the forests we have saved by working together in this way. 



Kass said...

I printed it out immediately and put it one of my dad's 75-year old "Baschaga Notizb├╝cher"s (a spring-like self-binding cover).

Feeling guilty. Can I send you a check?

Anonymous said...

How gratifying. Another feather in your cap but I like my hand-held (all of them).


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