Saturday, December 05, 2015

Park your car, forget your anger

Some of my recent poems

Is it white, or what?

This week Ruth+Moth published my found poem “Seven Shaved Bald in One Room,” which uses Svetlana Alexievich’s book “Voices of Chernobyl” as its source text. The acceptance note said the editors “found your poetry to be of tremendous power and importance, both poignant and professional.” 

burns like black handkerchiefs
Another poem I wrote using the Alexievich book was “Newlyweds, Ukraine 1986,” which DMQ Review has nominated for both the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net anthology. I posted it here a couple months ago when Alexievich won the Nobel Prize. 

Cease beeping, we said to just about everyone
Concis published my short poem “Inebriate of Air,” which takes its title from an Emily Dickinson poem (“I taste a liquor never brewed”). 

The brick is an enemy of the bohemian
Right Hand Pointing also published one of my object obsession poems, “Single Brick,” in its latest issue. 

What should we be without the help of that which does not exist? - Paul Valéry
Literary Bohemian also published two poems - “Visiting the Outer Space Exhibit in Bonn on New Year’s Day 2015,” which is about exactly that, and “Oarsman Ghazal,” a poem written in the Persian ghazal form.

the day I resembled a hill / hunched up and clutching
My poems “Whittler” and “Flush Sky” were published at Sundog Lit this fall. “Flush Sky” is also a found poem, in which I switched words of a pop science interview with new words. 


Kass said...

Wonderful poems. I agree. Your poems have tremendous power. Specific words that spoke to me:
"...defined by the closest hand..."
"...which buoys us with what does not exist."
...AND, the condition of "awaiting acquittal."

Your combination of words, whether 'found' or conjured - so meaningful and creative - I'm in awe.

Tiffany said...

Great poems. My favorite after one reading is, Seven Shaved Bald in One Room.
Plan on rereading all of them. Your work is so inspiring.

Pearl said...

like your single brick one.

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