Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I needed a day off & I took it

It was a good day to finish Brenda Hillman’s Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire.

It was a good day to go with my son to a weight-lifting place he wanted to join, and did.

It was a good day to remove adverbs from sentences.

To inherit a book from my daughter. To listen to Bach. To find the shower gel I bought at the TJ Maxx near my mother's for $7 costs 71 euros in Germany. 

It was a good day to make tomato sauce & meatballs.

It was a good day to see my piece “See Also Fire” published at The Offing.


ron hardy said...

In the late 60's I when I was living in Germany I bought a shower gel called Badedas. Kind of a pine scent that I liked. It was not very expensive. But back in the US I could not find it until it surfaced as VitaBath. And it was more expensive than the Badedas. But of course the dollar was king. I loved your poem and I also read chunks of Hillman's Fire at night. The mixture of news, the natural world, and her sounds, that I would describe as something like aboriginal onomatopoeia, gave me odd dreams.

ron hardy said...

Years ago while I was stationed in Germany I purchased some Badedas shower gel. When I got back to the US I couldn't find it for a while. Then it surfaced as VitaBath. It was much more expensive here probably because the dollar was worth about 4 marks at that time. I enjoyed your piece Sara.

Lisa Allender said...

Enjoying reading you, Jane Sloat!

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