Friday, May 01, 2015

Overlapping Landscapes

“Eternal tourists of ourselves, there is no landscape but what we are. We possess nothing, for we don’t even possess ourselves. We have nothing because we are nothing. What hand will I reach out, and to what universe? The universe isn’t mine: it’s me,” said Fernando Pessoa.

“The floor is something we must fight against,” Russell Edson wrote.

The clutter of my mind gets tidied up in “Overlapping Landscapes,” an essay in the inaugural issue of Lunch Review.


Kass said...

I loved reading this seemingly random collection of novel thoughts - all brought together by the last quote.

What a wonderful website!

Osal said...

Really enjoyed your overlapping landscapes, Sarah.
Lots of delights within, and a spacious kind of rigor behind it all.

This is ironic, your mistranslation nugget (!) was echoed in a mermaid piece, part of the menu. Did you read it? "she lied" left me speechless.

Your work, as usual, elevates.

All the best, Alison

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