Saturday, May 16, 2015

Burns like black handkerchiefs

Two of my poems are up in the new issue of DMQ. One's a found poem, the other a book poem. Actually, both book poems, since the found poem was found in a book.

Cool and sunny. Off to friends on the Rhine for the weekend. We'll see the opera Thebans in Bonn, which I understand is a Sophocles drama in English. Delight of delights - I don't have to rely entirely on subtitles.


Kass said...

These are great. Found poems. They seem like what we do with life.
"...sense from the garbling blotch."

Kevin said...

I read the original prologue, and it's lovely. I never would have thought to condense, distill something like this which is already fairly poetic, but it more than works -- like an abbreviated translation from English into...English.

And I like the movement from sad, wet books into rot, and a ravening angel of rot (which is terrifying), and then to the sadder drama of having tried to keep the books dry, ending with the entreaty for understanding, for empathy -- that the speaker might be read through the garbled blotches.. (and "paperweight" should win an award for tightest little pun...).

SarahJane said...

Thanks, it's kind of you to comment.

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