Monday, September 22, 2014

Dew settles on the hood of my car

Hey! I have a poem in the new issue of Tinderbox. It’s called “Poem Written After Reading a Poem With a Boat in It.” This is a poem that started with the title, and is kind of a poke at myself for liking poems with long titles. It’s also a homage to the Chinese. And an ode to motherhood, and an observation about a statue, and a nod to Weltschmerz. It’s anything you want.

Lots of poets I admire are in this issue, including Sally Rosen Kindred, Martha Silano, Donna Voreyer and Carol Berg. Carol has a poem with a title even longer than mine: “Belly-Ache Bush With Giant Sphinx Moth: Plate #15 by Maria Sibylla Merian.” As they say in Germany, ‘Respekt.’ 

Please you go read.

This song on my iPod helped me navigate home today. 


Kathleen said...

Loved your song. I am getting hooked on "Dream a Little Dream" and "Hushabye Mountain" on Dream by Pink Martini.

Kathleen said...

Also, of course, loved your poem. Which I should have said first.

Great issue.

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