Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Whose paradise

We leave for vacation tomorrow - a week in Sardegna with our son and one of his friends. I hope it won’t be boring for them. God knows after a week I’m bored as can be, which is why I don’t like going for two weeks. I like the sea and all, but get stir-crazy with nothing else to do. Of course I bring books and write, but I still feel so stranded.

To reveal another negative-energy thing about myself: the vacation starts tomorrow but for me it began Saturday when we took the dog to friends. Like the sea, the dog is nice and all, but I can’t pretend I love coming home after 10 hours of work to cook dinner, clean up and walk the dog. It is just a time-suck, and I feel so obligated.

For a few frantic hours I considered buying an iPad to take on vacation, but was unsure whether I could store documents on it. I want it more for that than the Internet. Although the Apple guy said I could keep documents directly on it with Pages, I was skeptical because my iPad-carrying colleagues said they don’t know how to. With vacation threatening I felt like I was going to buy on impulse without really being informed. 

Then on the phone my mother told me how she was going to save $100 a year by not having caller ID on her phone, and that was what the iPad sleeve alone was going to cost me and suddenly I felt so spoiled and wasteful

So here’s some of what I’m taking on my scenic, calm, non-technological vacation:

Unless by Carol Shields
Villette by Charlotte Bronte
The Captain Lands in Paradise by Sarah Manguso 


drew said...

An admirable book list, but don't forget the trashy magazines. No beach vacation is complete without some mindless blather.

ken said...

Happy Vacation. Though Charlotte Bronte seems an odd choice for a beach read, my favorite book ever read on a beach is Stendahl's Charterhouse of Parma. So there.

P.S. I get all dog duty in this household, and walking -- though healthy -- is a repetitive drag sometimes (especially rainy and snowy and cold times).

How did your husband escape?

SarahJane said...

Ken -
My husband takes the dog in the morning. Believe me, I am ready relinquish all dog responsibility. But the dog actually is quite sweet. It's not that I'm not selfish, I just don't ever manage to overcome her deservingness and just let her into the (tiny) yard.

SarahJane said...

Drew -
I honestly don't do trashy! I know it's popular on the beach, but I get all neurotic about wasting my reading time…
I write trashy instead. :)

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