Sunday, May 04, 2014

I interview myself about what I’ve been reading

What are you reading?
The Son by Phillip Meyer. One cover blurb says “Remarkable,” and a remarkable thing is when sitting at my desk with the book in my peripheral vision I keep trying to grab the cloud on the cover. It looks like a tissue I wadded up and left there.

Why are you reading this book? 
A ex-colleague recommended it to me, and our tastes overlap, at least in the areas of masculine voice preferences and depraved violence. 

What is The Son about? 
It’s kind of like the song ‘I’m My Own Grandpa,’ but with Texas vegetation and hostages. 

What genre is it? 
Family Saga - Revisionist History - Adventure - Stockholm Syndrome - Cowboys & Indians & Mexicans

And what did you read before starting The Son
The Siege of Krishnapur by J.G. Farrell, whom I have mixed up many a time with J.G. Ballard. Two Different Guys

What kind of book is that? 
It’s a Demise of the Empire story about a ragtag bundle o’ Brits in India who suffer an extreme lack of self-awareness, in addition to cholera. 

Did you like it? 
I admired it. Despite the poor defenses portrayed, every sentence was built like a tank. I wouldn’t call it gripping. There are some good characters, without there being too much character development.

Whom would you recommend this book to?
Hoarders, zombie-genre fans, creative cooks.

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