Sunday, May 25, 2014

I don't even know who this bitterness is for

The week in review

Disliked: The 30C heat 
Liked: The storm that snuffed it

Watched: Mud with Matthew McConaughey
Saw: A sharp #2 

Reading: The Hare with Amber Eyes
Listened to: Sufjan Stevens’ “Illinoise” 

Learned: The word moue
Forgot: Also unbroken glass can cut you

Bought: St. Peter’s B-List for my folks
Threw out: pounds of magazines, plundered for collage many times over

Realized: There are 2 kinds of weather - white & red wine weather
Dreamed: Went with my entire office on a working trip to Sardinia, where I had the obscure assignment of writing about a piece of coal that erases unpleasant odors.

Ate: Licorice
Drank: Tonic water 

Laughed at: Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves
Cried about: The struggle to shed bitterness

Fail: Emptied the bio-garbage into the plastic recycling container
Victory: A set IKEA desk drawers (=3 hours)

1 comment:

drew said...

"There are 2 kinds of weather - white & red wine weather."

Yes, exactly.

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