Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week that was

Liked: Free cookies at the video store
Disliked: The German railway (punctual, my ass)

Watched: The Dark Knight, better the second time
Saw: The Montmartre exhibit at Schirn Kunsthalle

Reading: The Siege of Krishnapur (still)
Listened to: Abbey Road

Lent: Two Gabriel Garcia Marquez books to a friend
Received: A new purse from my husband 

Ate: Grilled peppers
Drank: Sparkling water

Learned: How to make Absinthe 
Bought: Bath bombs for Easter baskets

Realized: In 1900s Paris what a woman needed most of all was a good hat 
Dreamed: I was at a camp or vacation spot with a group of people I only vaguely knew & when I woke up in the (dream) morning they were sitting in a semi-circle waiting for me to empty the dishwasher & fold the laundry & I was like I already have a family & began angrily throwing their clean clothes into a pile on the sand.

Laughed at: Cat video (what else)
Cried: Nope

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