Saturday, December 21, 2013

The week in hindsight

Learned: the Italian word for ‘rodent’ is ‘roditore,’ which sounds very grand, and means “he who gnaws"
Saw: Albrecht Dürer exhibition at the Städel 
Disliked: what the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the airport at 7 am did to my headache and stomachache 
Read: obituaries online
Ate: Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes)
Bought: chunky candles
Skipped: dessert (tiramisu - who can eat the equivalent of 2 dinners after dinner?)
Drank: Primitivo (Puglia)
Received: 2 rejections (Ninth Letter & Tin House)
Watched: Sherlock Holmes episode “The Illustrious Client” 
Rolled my eyes at: Horn honkers in gridlock. You built it, you suffer it. 
Ordered: The Brontes and Mr. Peanut 
Cried over: People greeting their loved ones at the airport. Yeah, I suck at airports. 
Listened to: pages turning, ambulances, people talking with their mouths full 

Pithiness of the week: "To be totally understanding makes one very indulgent."-Baroness De Stael-Holstein 

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