Friday, October 18, 2013

It's the slow city you built in a bottle that makes these blossoms possible

We've been in the states for a week and are enjoying the fall. Today we went to the deserted village in Watchung Reservation and took a short walk among the collapsing houses. There's a very small graveyard with five stones or so, though 24 people are supposedly buried there. This is the only original stone.They'll be having some Halloween events here after we leave, which I'm not unhappy to miss.

I've got three poem-like pieces in the new Menacing Hedge: Miniature City, Cabin and Die Taube. For a real fright, I read them, too.

Tomorrow we're off to New York for four days with some family. My dad and step-mother are taking the kids to a show on Saturday night, giving me a free night. My daughter insists I stay in the apartment. Laugh. If you see me out and about, wave.

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