Friday, August 09, 2013

Let's get small

In honor of summer’s dog days, Escape into Life is running a feature of poems with dogs. I was lucky to have one included called Song of the Small Dog. It’s not a long poem, aptly, so please read to the end.

I’m not a fan of small dogs, small being anything more diminutive than the beagle. Nevertheless, I once had a toy poodle, and I’m open-minded, I hope. A small dog is easier than a big one. When I am old and unable to walk the dog (I’ve already arrived at unwilling), perhaps I’ll have a small dog. A bulldog, for example, is a small dog I could live with. 

I haven’t mentioned this here, though I did on Facebook, but the most exciting literary experience I had in the past couple weeks was listening to David Sedaris read Miranda July’s Roy Spivey. I think it’s worth the time. For some reason I'd been avoiding Miranda July, and I was wrong. 


Anonymous said...

Lots of great resources today, Sarah, beginning
with another reading of your poem.

Thank you!

SarahJane said...

Thanks for reading, Johanna.
I "remember" your dog! Zoe, wasn't it?

Anne Higgins said...

Thank you, Sarah - I like the small dog poem very much. In the last eight months I have become addicted to large dogs online. Can't have a dog in my present life, but love this website: the Great Dane Service Dog Project. It's in Ipswich Massachusetts, and the woman raises and trains Great Danes to be balance dogs for people with a variety of balance disabilities. It's a nonprofit - she give the dogs to the people. She's very quirky and funny, as are the dogs. Check the website out: and go to the webcam on the puppy room. It's great.
Best wishes from Anne

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sarah, it was Zoe. She was a brown lab just
like Stella but probably smaller (40 lbs.) and

Dave Bonta said...

I spent much of the summer in the company of a hyperactive terrier. I'd say you captured the essence of small-dogness here.

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