Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowstorms defy interpretation

I often struggle to differentiate plague from plaque - orthographically, of course. I do abhor poor dental hygiene. I do joke about ‘bubonic plaque’ to get my kids to brush conscientiously. Still, while bad dental care may be epidemic, it never wiped out millions of lives. Nor does it have to be contagious.

Misreadings sometimes come from skimming a text, instead of actually reading. Or they can be a kind of Freudian slip - the mind insists it sees something that the eyes, on second look, prove to be something else. Or sometimes you expect to see a certain word, so you do. The brain won't have it otherwise. 

Scanning my blog the other day I read “Unbelievable in Stores,” even though I’d written the post myself and knew it was “Unavailable in Stores.” Unbelievable and Unavailable have such similar architecture. And it's true that mistakes make life more interesting. Here are some other misreadings of the past weeks: 

How rodent the artist remained despite basking in adulation. 

The bakery was well known for its French parasites

February saw uninterpreted snowstorms. 

Gutsy winds fanned the wildfire. 

France condoms attacks on wine students. 

The plane had to make a memory landing due to engine trouble. 

Leaders voweled to defend the euro. 

She touches up her blush and apples lipstick. 

Authorities say at least 25,000 humble bees have died in the lot. 


Kathleen said...

Oh, I laughed & laughed! Thanks, I needed that re: stress release. And these are wonderful as well as funny. And a comfort, since I am also misreading a lot (and typo-ing a lot.)

Sandy Longhorn said...

I share the same difficulty with plague and plaque!

Also, here's a poem I got out of a misreading.

SarahJane said...

Enjoyed your poem, Sandy!
I wrote a misreading poem, too, called "The Abdominal Snowman." Haven't published it though.

Sandy Longhorn said...

A snowman with 6-pack abs! Can't wait to read it someday.

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