Friday, April 05, 2013

Tomato soup

“It’s always ourselves we find at the sea.” I inhaled a lot of ee cummings when I was a teenager, and this line comes back to me as I dig through Independence Day, finding poems. If you gave a group of poets the same page, they’d each come back with different poem. 

The shaky thing about this project is everyone’s daily poem is instantly published! Most of my Pulitzer Remix poems wouldn’t be poems I’d submit. They’re just there. In the time allotted to me, I found them. I wrote them down. I bow humbly to my limits.

Today at work, in a different but similar scenario, I repeated my favorite, widely applicable Andy Warhol quote (that I possibly made up): “This is a soup can. We must make do with what we have.” 

Here are my five poems so far: 

Time! is my theme these days, as in it's flying. At the moment(s) I am trying to get through The Finkler Question before traveling to NJ tomorrow. As always before a trip, I don’t want to board the plane with a book I’ve nearly finished. I prefer to arrive at the airport with FRESHBOOK. Besides, ahead of my trip, I ordered enough books, deliverable to my mother, for a suitcase library. She has begun reading one, which appeals to my inner thrift-monger.


Taidgh Lynch said...

I enjoyed your poems. Haunting.

Kathleen said...

Loving these poems. I love having the visuals, too, when there was a physical collage/erasure.

Robert Mc said...

Blue gin is my fave thus far. It seems like a fun project to work on. I have The Finkler Question on my To Be Read Shelf. I suppose i ought to begin reading it.

Amalee Issa said...


The Finkler Question! Oh my what a treat of a read. It had me screaming with larfter in places, and the description of the five pan omelette will live with me forever.

Robert Mc, read this today!


Caroline M Davies said...

It sounds a worthwhile project. So far I've liked The Father of Fireworks best.

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