Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Extra Texture

It is Wednesday, the third day of the work week. And in Europe, work’s over. 
Starting now, I have three working days off. I have let the basking begin. 

I also have three poems in the new Otis Nebula: Mermaids, Box of Sneezing and Dead Headlights

Mermaids is composed largely of notes I took last year in New Mexico, where I visited the Oppenheimer nuclear museum at Los Alamos, and the folklore museum, where I found the quote about Columbus. The TB stuff is spun off Oppenheimer, and the Emma Goldman anecdote is something my father told me while I was there. He is an Emma Goldman scholar. 

The New Mexico connection is why I like the 2 of Hearts cactus card that is on my page so much. 

Box of Sneezing is about the texture and sensation of sneezing. 

Dead Headlights began from what was originally a line in a ghazal that I made into its own poem.


Kathleen said...

I really enjoyed your poems! They hang together so well. "Dead Headlights" gets to me, moodwise, etc.!

Loved finding this interesting not-a-literary-magazine thingey, too!

Sourav said...

Dead headlights is so much like your other stuff, very atmospheric.

New Mexico is a very interesting place indeed.

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