Wednesday, January 30, 2013

from the homeward commute

Coming home on the crowded UBahn I am glad to find a seat. My knees, if I didn’t turn them slightly, would touch those of the woman across from me. She has firm legs, but lined with blue veins and blotchy. Over them she has put on a pair of low-sheen mustard-colored hose. This is really unattractive, but also fascinating, and I realize it's because clad this way those legs resemble my beloved Stilton cheese.


Kathleen said...

I giggled.

Billy Joe said...

I've always loved blue cheese, but never had the real thing. So I'm going out to buy some today. Hopefully, I'll find some. Researching it, I found that 75 to 85% of people have unusual dreams if they eat Stilton before retiring. I'll have to try that, too.

SarahJane said...

Stilton is the queen of blue cheeses! Gorgonzola is good, too, and makes a nice sauce melted with cream.

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