Saturday, December 01, 2012

Another reason I might not make it through this book

"The grenade went off, taking out the front of the Chalet, but Richards heard this only vaguely - the noise receding, fading to some impossible distance - as he experienced the sensation, utterly new to him, of being torn in half." The Passage, p. 241

I don't know, but is anybody else having a "vague" problem with this sentence? Is it odd that the feeling of being torn in half might be "new" to most people, not just "to him?" And not just new but "utterly new," as in, gee, I've never even come close to being torn into two pieces before. I mean, for it not to be new, you'd have to have survived being ripped in half once, right? Show me such a person, and I will give this sentence my blessing.

Song of the day: (the name of this song is) New Feeling (and that's what it's about)


Toni Clark said...

The quoted passage is hilarious and your commentary makes it even funnier. This is Cronin's book? Would have thought he'd know better.

Caroline M Davies said...

You've done well to get to p241 if the rest of the writing is like this.

But perhaps Richards is a Royal Marine or similar and is used to being nearly torn in half until this moment when he is actually torn in half. What is the book?

SarahJane said...

The book is "The Passage," a very commerically exploitative horror book.

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