Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why I didn't 'like' your review

Because you kept saying how much the author was like you, which I was not interested in.

Because you wrote “Scarlett” when you compared the book to The Scarlet Letter

Because you wrote things like “gotta” and “gonna” instead of the proper words. 

Because you said “the author sits at his keyboard like a pianist about to tackle a symphony,” or some jackass thing like that. 

Because you said “utter uniqueness.” 

I didn’t read your review because your avatar picture showed you (?) breastfeeding your baby. 

Because you were “ready to kill” one of the characters. 

Because you forgot an apostrophe in the first sentence. 

Because you said this book was maybe not the wonderful gift to the world many people think it is when it is so.


Kathleen said...

This brings out my evil grin. I 'like' it.

Also, I like my non-robot code word: "snorsto." Excellent monster name.

kenc said...

The whole mentality of liking, friending, helpful reviewing gets under my skin -- as do "not robot" words no human can possibly read.

Carol Steel 5050 said...

Oh, how many times I wish I'd written something like this! Thanks for making my day and tickling my wicked side.

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