Saturday, September 15, 2012

Q: Describe what you publish in 25 words or less

A: Tweetable humanity.
Joanne Merriam, Editor of 7x20 (Seven By Twenty)

A: words and sometimes dots
Shannon Peil, Editor of 

A: crushing, blissful snark 
Andrew Toskin, Arts & Letters director of Autumn Letters

A: Literary mutinies 
Laura Roberts, Editor Black Heart Magazine

A: Odd & cranky writing 
Frederick Barthelme, Editor of Blip Magazine

A: Things that boil nerves. 
Sebastian, Editor-in-Chief of The Boiler

A: Spiny, sharp & succulent. 
Sara Rauch, Founder & Editor of Cactus Heart 

A: Top shelf stuff, 90 proof 
Russell Streur, Barkeep of The Camel Saloon 

A: Almost dark/almost light. 
Lisa Marie Basile, Caper Literary Journal

A: Cleanliness and craft 
Anthony Blake, Executive Editor of A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

A: Philosophical time bombs
Christine Gosnay, Editor of The Cossack Review 

A: Poems, Feral & True
Marc Beaudin, poetry editor of CounterPunch Poets' Basement

A: Noir coloratura letters
Adam Henry Carrière, Publisher/Editor of Danse Macabre

A: soul balm
Catherine Keefe, Managing Editor dirtcakes

A: Writing that pops
Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Editor Eleven Eleven

A: A literary peepshow.
Travis A. Everett, Founding editor of escarp

A: eggs cracking open
Mel Bosworth, Managing Editor of Flash Fire 500

A: Waffle-rocking Lit
Danny Goodman, Editor-in-Chief of fwriction : review

A: Pure, shiny awesomeness
Barrett Bowlin, Associate Editor of Harpur Palate

A: Idle hands plus pencils.
Mike Miller, Editor-in-Chief of High Coup Journal

A: Grit, blossoms & sparks.
Chris Hutchcroft, Editor of Misjudge Your Limits

A: dead things, live things
Michael Quinti, Editor-in-Chief of MOLT

A: Rich sound, wild skill
C.J. Sage, Editor-in-chief of The National Poetry Review

A: Love/Death/Evil
Rusty Barnes, Editor of Night Train

A: Crapht.
Editor of NOTHE, Editor of NOTHE

A: Bite and Fizzy-Pop
Jack Little, The Ofi Press Online Literary Magazine

A: fine words on real paper
Greg Lamer and Robin Sontheimer, Rabbit Catastrophe Review

A: Brevity. Word Daggers.
Joseph A. W. Quintela, Editor of Short, Fast, and Deadly

A: Trapdoors to inner worlds
Carli Castellani, Artistic Director of Status Hat Artzine

A: Antinews
Khakjaan Wessington, Supreme Overlord of Toylit


Kathleen said...

What fun!

I need some Waffle-rocking Lit.

kenc said...

Quite the resume... In three words or less, worth crowing about!

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