Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday arrives

I slept like shit, but so it goes. At least it is Sunday, and my blackberry is kaputt. I am the featured poet in the new issue of Avatar Review, meaning I’ve got a boatload of poems over there, and even videos. I wish I could make a video I didn’t have to be in, but I am not that learned yet. 

A couple days ago I had another poem, a fragment, up at Utter, a new online magazine. It looks good, so give them a try if you’ve got wares to peddle. My fragment is named ‘Grace,’ appropriate for Sunday.  

Also inside me it is Sunday, the last day of the week or the first, depending on whose calendar you look at. Vague and blurred blue. I went back to the cemetery to read but first spent 15 minutes peeling moss off someone’s grave: Gustav Horwarth, 1905-1986. Didn’t fall in either war. Nice little plot he had, and his rent paid.


Jenny Hill said...

Beautiful poems in Avatar.

SarahJane said...

Thanks Jenny.

Kathleen said...

Wonderful, congrats, and great to see/her you read.

Anonymous said...

i know it's hard to do the video, but from this side of the screen- it adds so much to the experience. thanks for going through it. good stuff. congrats on all this.

ron hardy said...

I loved the reading Sarah. How lucky your children are to have that voice.

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