Wednesday, June 13, 2012


You think of a mouth as lips and tongue but it is just a vacant piece of real estate. You notice when the police talk about finding the body parts of some poor victim or other strewn about town they never mention finding the mouth.

If someone tells you that you have a dirty mouth don’t believe it. They need to be more specific. 

When it came to washing kids’ mouths out with soap, my nana’s choice was Ivory. ‘So clean it floats.’

She also liked to say, “He’s got a mouth on him.” But whose? His own mouth turned in. 

Orajel. Orafix. Orifice. 

The Chinese word for mouth is “kou,” which looks like a lopsided box. The German word for mouth is “Mund,” which I occasionally mispronounce as “Mond,” or “moon.” 

Shut your moon, for god's sake.

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ron hardy said...

Makes me think the mouth is like the mind. Stuff comes up in it but nobody's quite sure how.

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