Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thumb Theater

I treated myself to a mac, and it is a lovely machine, clean and easy. But I am having a terrible time without Word. Apple has many programs for writers (too many) - Pages, iA Writer, Ommwriter, Text Edit etc - but it is difficult to make the transition. I almost gave in and bought Word yesterday, and even now I wonder why didn't I, but the Apple store convinced me to come in for a Pages class. It is not hard to use, but I want to save things in Word, or send them in Word, and I have run into one obstacle after another. For example, the computer accepts my password for some applications, but not others, so I can't set up my mail account. I only have one password! Then there's the question of where the hell are my files when I save them. MUST FIGURE OUT.

I was hoping to write more, not spend the evenings feeling defeated.

So, ironically, for now I am back to writing poems exclusively on paper. Page after page of the same poem with a slight change in each new version, like those flipbooks you hold in one hand while flipping through the pages with the thumb of the other to see a horse run, a head turn, or a star explode.
Kind of defeated the purpose of the new computer.

Happy Valentine's Day. I heart Word.

More flipbooks:
Break dance
Close up
Louis Vuitton


ron hardy said...

I'm curious as to what you see when you flip through the different pages of the poem. What is the motion?

SarahJane said...

sometimes a comma is added then removed, then added, lending the moving poem the blinking star effect.

but basically they just get longer.

ron hardy said...

With a little string, a red laser, a couple of lenses, a few mirrors, and some holograhic film you can capture this process in 3-D. "The making of a poem." Then we could look at it from every angle.

Kathleen said...

Love the flip book, wishing you well with/without Word...

My mom has a Mac.

kenc said...

You can buy Microsoft Word for your Mac. I did.

"Best of," meet "both worlds."

toniclark said...

I use Word all the time at work (on a PC) but don't miss it at all on my Mac. I have come to use Text Edit for everything -- all my poem drafting and final versions. I copy into AppleWorks if I want to format a manuscript or save as a pdf file (e.g., for submission). Have never gotten comfortable with Pages, but haven't tried much either.

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