Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Annual Limbo

In German the week from Christmas to New Year's is called "between the years" (zwischen den Jahren), a phrase evoking a no man's land of time, and it does seem like that - taking the train with hardly anyone in it, floating around the office while nearly everyone else has off, the kids home from school.

Here comes the new year. I remember being a little kid and trying to figure out if I'd be alive after the year 2000. I made it. As always, in the new year I
1.) plan to eat more broccoli. I failed this year with about 6-7 servings, tops.

I also
2.) plan to read more German/y-related literature - The Magic Mountain, more Heinrich Böll, Herta Müller's The Appointment, that Goldhagen book, and The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman.

Travelwise I
3.) hope to visit my dad and step-mother in Santa Fe, with or without appendages.

And, after some bad experiences, I will
4.) avoid delusions of grandeur, and just as importantly
5.) avoid people with delusions of grandeur, in real life and on the internet, where they are apparently legion.

I'm sure there are other, even more constructure ventures I could pursue, but these seem about doable.


kc said...

I'd like to comment on your resolutions, but I'm much too grand for all that, really. This is the year I become famous, after all, and it's about time (and money).

Yours grandiloquenly,

SarahJane said...

laugh. you and kim jong il.

Dave said...

But they're the only delusions I have left!

("Between the years" -- exactly.)

Kathleen said...

I am experiencing that limbo!

Last night I had some Chinese broccoli, or kai-lan, which you are probably familiar with, yes? Anyway, I like it even better than American broccoli.


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