Monday, September 05, 2011

Nothing left to do

Gates Criticizes NATO
Mikhail Gorbachev Criticizes Vladmir Putin
Alberta Premier Criticizes Oil Spill Cleanup
Texas Senator Criticizes Man for Testifying in Spanish
Harry Potter Expert Criticizes Vatican Newspaper’s Glowing Review
Christian Left Criticizes Religious Right; Holds Counter-Event
Bachmann Criticizes Black Farmer Settlement
House GOP Criticizes White House Visitor Logs
Angelou Criticizes Inscription at MLK Memorial
Bellevue College Criticizes Math Question
UK Prime Minister Criticizes Newspaper Pay Walls
Indonesia Criticizes Saudi Beheading of Maid
Colin Powell Criticizes Cheney for Memoir Claims
Irish Minister Criticizes NYC St. Pat’s Parade
Berlin Mayor Criticizes Nostalgia for Berlin Wall
Gingrich Criticizes Departed Staffers
Man Rescued from Drain Criticizes Police
Jim Carrey Criticizes Tiger Woods’ Wife
Boehner Criticizes Biden for Praising China’s One-Child Policy
Gaga Criticizes Critics
BBC report Criticizes BBC

Song of the day: The Begat


Lady MacBeff said...

Haha, I like this. Like the comments on Cakewrecks (or my Stupidest Things Ever Said page-a-day calendar, if you recall), for which the commentary is often what actually brings out the hilarity in the subject, the titles of your posts sometimes bring out the greatness. This one = case in point.

SarahJane said...

Hi Beth -
I was just reading your blog and like most Idioten, didn't know what to say and thus said nothing. I hope you are okay. I am thinking of you, dear.
This silly post was inspired by German newspapers, which guaranteed have 3 stories a day each witht he headline "X kritisiert Y." It is almost laughable, almost.

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