Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Great Whites, or thoughts while dressing for work

What do the great white shark and the great white shirt have in common?

For one, they both have terrific teeth and bite! Flashing in the dark, one could almost be mistaken for the other.

Second, when the great white shirt is all ironed up and starched, it makes a ripping sort of sound when I pull it over my head and stick my arms through the sleeves, a sound not unlike that of a shark shredding something to bits. Scary!

Last, a note on personality. The great white shark and the great white shirt are both no-nonsense types. They mean business, people. Approach with caution . . .


BJeronimo said...

I can't find flaw with that argument.

rallentanda said...

Too late. Minnows should not go into the shark ponds.Morto, dead,kaputsky.

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