Thursday, March 10, 2011

at the office entrance

We talked about the wind because it was windy. Across the courtyard a man’s scarf was flapping around fit to strangle him.
- H said, it is like a wind tunnel here in the courtyard.
- L said, at least it is a warm wind. Two days ago it was bracing.
- K said, this wind is like the wind in Kansas! When it pushes my coat open I have the feeling I am in Kansas anymore!

They were all right, really. I have also lived and Kansas and was astounded by the strong wind they could muster there.

Mostly I wanted to say that in all of nature the wind is most like water, but I didn’t think that was something to mention right then.

I also have noticed – and it seems banal, however true – that when I wash my hands in cool water in the restroom after hours of working, it is like my hands are having a drink.


ron hardy said...

Love the small talk about big wind. There is something about falling water. Also giving my hands a little warm bath usually relaxes my face. I wonder why Sarah?

SarahJane said...

It's like the pain in your side drawing attention from the pain in your knee.

A little warm water hand bath is a wonderful thing. It used to be how I'd entice my kids to wash their hands well.

SharePoint foundation 2010 said...

That was a wonderful post on wind! You are a wonderful writer!

Kathleen said...

Tickled by "I am in Kansas anymore"! Love this wind talk. Love knowing what you didn't say.

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