Tuesday, February 08, 2011

land's end

Velvet plum - Coriander - Bright lemon - Spice brown– Teaberry - Loganberry - Pale mint - Honey gold – Chive - Cappuccino heather - Beet root - Aubergine - Wine grape

Sky Stuff
Pale sky - Light blue sky - Blue twilight - Sunset gold - Bold sun - Vista blue - Purple sky

Waters & Seas
Dew green - Emerald cove - Lake blue - Coral blush - Coral melon - Coral orange - Cancun coral – Ice pink - Blue marine heather - Pearl pink - Sea washed green - Sea washed red - Sail white - Blue aqua heather

Willow green - Forest moss – Ivy – Vintage brick - Flint - - Bright leaf - Foliage green - Dark spruce –Light stone– Amethyst - Blue turquoise - Light emerald - Terracotta - Dark charcoal - Pewter heather

Old Softies
Grey heather - Chambray blue - Mink heather

Yer Blues

Deepest cobalt - Blue illusion - Brilliant blue - True navy - Majestic navy - English blue


Kathleen said...

1) Are you painting something?!
2) Oh,yes, beautiful words, beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss but enjoying the stream of conciousness/paint listings.

Anonymous said...

I heard a story this morning of the Convention of Color Imaginers - or something like that. The main sponsor of the show is Pantone of NJ.

SarahJane said...

my mom sent me a land's end catalog. that's all.

Sherry O'Keefe said...

my daughter and i have worn out the same catalog- talking back to it. i have been working on a poem called Talking Back to Land's End. seems there is no soybean to be had (!)

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