Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the celebration is the collapse

You know what it's like to shoulder a difficult project, or hold out through a period of killer stress. The strobe lights! Worry! The nails across the chalkboard! All the times you thought you'd keel over and couldn't do it anymore but you kept doing it. Then when it was over you should have sprung up and celebrated. But instead you collapsed, almost as if you'd been defeated.


Kathleen said...

Yes, exactly.

Kass said...

So many times I should be dead.

Sorry you feel this way.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Celebrate by sleeping! I know the feeling completely. Hang in there.

Jasmine said...

"You might also like" is too big Sarah, it draws away my attention from your post. And I want to be able to pick what I might also like myself, search through your blog, stumble upon something, then go into a different search altogether.
You don't have to advertise your writing Sarah, your readers will find you.

ron hardy said...

Maybe you'll re-zone yourself and become a drive-thru convenience store called Almost.

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