Monday, January 17, 2011


Well I finally gave in a read an article about the new astrological sign and found out I was not only affected but indeed I AM the new astrological sign, the ‘snake annoyer’ or Upanishad or whatever it’s called. Pretty cool except as a (former) Sagitarrius I felt a real kinship with the archer Legolas and always had a good excuse for making a horse’s ass of myself. Alas. Of all that was left I’ve kept nothing, as Pierre Reverdy likes to say.

While we’re at it, we should add a few more signs: the Clonus, who blends in with the crowd, and the Yoko├Ânus, who can be a burden, for example.

I never read horoscopes anyway. Who did? And the only reason Pisces were considered quiet, unworldly introverts was because we have very little experience of the lives of fish, their being underwater most of the time. It isn't a matter of fish-like traits.

In any case, let’s celebrate the demolition of an industry of fraud and mass deception!


Kathleen said...

Laughing in Glee. As a former Pisces, and current Aquarius. Um, I think.

SarahJane said...

Jesus was a capricorn, as Kris Kristofferson sang. Now he's a sagitarrius.

Mad Kane said...

As I wrote in this limerick, I refuse to change signs. :) Sorry, But I'm Still A Virgo.

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