Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Moon in the Daytime

There is a difference between the sympathetic show of being “able to relate” and the conviction that everything that happens is inextricably and primarily bound up with oneself.

When I stopped believing in God I knew I would have to give up the Devil, too, which I resisted more stubbornly.

I’d like to see schnapps made from birds rather than fruits. There’d be Wren Schnapps, Raven Schnapps, Schnapps aux Flamingo, etc.

So much of opinion is instilled. In America, the majority of the population considers the death penalty just. In Germany, the majority considers it unjust. Did these people form their opinions on their own, through reflection? Of course not. At a tender age, they read what’s right in the newspaper.

Although anyone who looks can see it, and even explain it, the daytime moon always strikes me as a fine little secret.

It is good to put an hour aside for thinking. Slow down. Behold your horses.


Susan said...

I have always suspected that popular opinion is passed down from one's parents. (Although I now suspect it flows directly from the internet.) As for the devil, hold fast to your archetypes.

I love the phrase "Behold you horses."

Sandy Longhorn said...

Lovely, lovely.

Kass said...

So much better to behold than hold.


NE said...

That's what happens when "Hold your horses" is allowed to just "be-" first. To behold or not to behold, that is the question.

Oh. And I am in the minority in America regarding the death penalty. The reason the majority favor it is the same reason we're armed to the teeth over here -- we have the constitutional right to bear arms and to bare legs (but, the Baptists insist, we have to stop right there...).

Jasmine said...

And what do they think of Solitary Confinement?

SarahJane said...

The suffering caused by solitary confinement may be too abstract for them... I don't know!

Sherry O'Keefe said...

behold your horses.

see, this is why i visit here.

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