Sunday, November 07, 2010


We took a stand at the Kindergarten flea market yesterday, where we put a good chunk of childhood up for sale. We came home about 130 euros richer, which I consider pretty good, especially since I had to talk everybody into it. I made the kids help and gave each of them 22 euros when it was over. They were thrilled.

We sold a lot of books. Books are expensive but they’re one thing where I won’t say no. It was good to recoup at least a little of that outlay, and think it’s some other kid’s turn to enjoy the book (for much less money). People are also crazy about Schleich animal figures. We were always crazy about them, too, but at 12 and 14 my kids don’t touch them anymore. One father alone bought about 12 of them. I saved the squirrel for old times’ sake.

Okay, I also saved the donkey and the seal.

I also saved a book of children’s jokes – "Das megadicke Buch der Superwitze." One of my favorite jokes ever comes from the section on “Dummhausen,” a fictional village of very stupid people.

“Have you heard? Just a week ago the Dummhausen library opened, and already it’s had to be closed.”
“But why?”
“Someone stole the book!”

Thanks to esoule at etsy for the seal!


Kathleen said...

I love the seal!

SarahJane said...

very thoughtful looking, no?

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