Friday, October 22, 2010

Border guards

Name your favorite alphabetic sequence.

Are you going or have you ever been to Scarborough Fair?

How much are you willing to eat for breakfast?

How many commas are there in a trillion?

What is the connection between vibrate and vibrant?

And what would your mother say?


Sherry O'Keefe said...

from my photography instructor:

there is a difference between tweaking and manipulation.

i'm still thinking about the difference.

ron hardy said...

WXYZ was my madeup radio station that I DJed when I was younger.

No, I'm going to graceland
In Memphis Tennessee

A lot. Omelets the size of a baseball glove filled with a lot of stuff. Fruit. Sour dough bread, a loaf. Pots and Pots of darjeeling. I have been known to run around a tree chasing my attitude until I turn into butter. Just before the pancakes.

One less than a trillion if you count to a trillion on paper.

Inside of color and attitude is vibration. At a certain speed they become vibrant.

My mother wouldn't say anything. She would wet a kleenex with her tongue and scrub my face hard.

I love your questionnaires Sarah. They remind me of pie.

SarahJane said...

I could do omelettes. It's about dinnertime now and I'm ready for breakfast. Make mine cheese.

A difference between tweaking and manipulation? Sounds like jive to me.

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