Friday, August 27, 2010

some words which have long seemed poetically forbidding

You can find the tambourine on ebay and I avoid it because it’s noisy.

The word crochet reminds me of a decrepit and inexpert case of choking.

I hate projection like the plague and I’ve no explanation.

My high school sweetheart’s brother’s ex-girlfriend ran an all-things-brass shop in an upscale strip mall and we laughed a lot at her which is now painful to me so you won’t find cheap metals.

It’s good to get this all out there into the sunshine, which I shun because I never get the sky right.

The word absent should be kept in the classroom with its pretentious emptiness.

Frankly I’ve never known what ballywick means, and Peking went out with the old, however sadly.

Mortal and sublime and Übermensch and fairy inferno pristine incredible limpid shithead snot-nosed patriot exact binocular frigid gelatinous hot tub and perhaps it’s time I spoke to my analyst about all this avoidance.


Kathleen said...


I working at Bailiwick Theatre once and never want to again.

With that spelling, it refers to a special area of interest or expertise, or to the office or district of a bailiff.

Kathleen said...

I meant to say "worked" but I guess I am not living in the past.

Bebe said...

Wonderful Sarah. I much enjoyed. :)

ron hardy said...

I have problems with words that I have confused with others and they just won't let go. Croquette. Whenever I eat salmon croquettes I think of prostitutes. Words that begin with tor, like torpor, torpid, tortellini, all make me feel like I'm at the dentist. For some reason Sara that last little rant of yours made me think of Glenn Beck. My dad always used to say that some people need their heads examined.

Radish King said...

Oh this is brilliant. Suddenly I'm suspecting my entire vocabulary!

Ron. said...

Shards. Gloaming. Sublime.

ArtSparker said...

But what about absinthe?

SarahJane said...

absinthe is good. abstain, on the other hand, should be avoided.

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