Monday, June 28, 2010

bundle up

Last week of school!
Is this good? I think it’s good. It means no more schoolwork, i.e. a six-week respite from striving, nagging, reminding and helping kids study for tests with generally little payoff. No more going upstairs to wake everybody up, then waking them up again, making them coffee and/or cereal and looking for their books, jeans, notebooks, plastic jesus, shoes, keys, etc. No more needling them to brush their teeth and having to police that action. No more 2 euros for this, 4 euros for that, 12 euros for the class trip to whatever, and writing “please excuse” notes for whoever was poorly or late or forgetful. No more strict bedtimes complete with nagging about brushing their teeth, preparing their backpacks, getting off the horn, brushing their teeth, putting rubber bands on their braces, getting in bed n-o-w. Did I mention toothbrushing? IT IS THE LIFELONG MOST IMPORTANT THING!


Kass said... how you threw plastic jesus in there.
Made me laugh right out loud (and I will NEVER abbreviate that - in actuality or print).

Kathleen said...

Don't forget the flossing!

ArtSparker said...

Like that Alice Cooper song, but the more sedate version. You sound fed up and in need of a rest. Happy summer days!

Ron. said...

I don't care if it rains of frezes
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Ridin on the dashboard of my car...

Yeah, thanks a bunch, Sloaty, for getting that little earworm stuck in my head all day.

Peter said...

I don't know why schools don't just open ATM machines so they can nickel-and-dime me without taking my time, too. Time is money, as money as money is.

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