Friday, May 28, 2010

there will be fun

I’m still reading Blood Meridian, which might as well have been titled Blood Bath. The writing is marvellous, but the book is blood drenched, blood soaked, bloodstained, bloody with a capital B and all the other letters alongside. I hate pretty much everybody in it.

But on page 204, something fun happens. At least it’s fun for me.

“Carroll and Sanford had defected from the company and with them now rode a boy named Sloat who had been left sick to die in this place by one of the gold trains bound for the coast weeks earlier. When Glanton asked him if he were kin to the commodore of that name the boy spat quietly and said No, nor him to me.”

A colleague says this boy eventually goes apeshit. I told him to spare me – I’d find out in due time. I’m sure some wet, red death awaits crazy young Sloat.

Anyway, I now feel less left out of this story of bloodthirsty men. Let the carcassing resume.

&tonight: Notorious


Anonymous said...

What fun, Sarah, to watch 'Notorious' with
your mother.



NE said...

Why is the expression always "apeshit" and never any other denizen of the zoo (a.k.a. "denizoo")?

Go giraffeshit, or lionshit, or orangutanshit, maybe. It's a mess any way you look at it.

(And oh, I forgot about the character Sloan. No boy would say such a thing, but I love the reply anyway.)

SarahJane said...

I think "batshit" also works, doesn't it?

"Notorious" was just okay. We've been doing a Hitchcock film every weekend, and this was the "least good." Psycho, Vertigo and Rear Window remain great, but North By Northwest was somehow disappointing, although I loved it way back when.

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